Andre Lemieux

The first time I cut a stone with a hammer and a chisel, I was hooked. It’s now been over a decade since those first hammer swings and not much has changed.


My first job in the stonemasonry trade was as a labourer. From there, I joined a large restoration company. Working on restoration projects including Parliament Hill & The Supreme Court of Canada, I cut my teeth as a proper stonemason and spent hours working with and learning from the most skilled masons in the country.


At the same time I was developing a strong affinity for dry stone walling. Walling shares some similarities with stonemasonry but demands it’s own unique skills. Travelling to England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland to work alongside highly skilled master wallers on different geology allowed me to learn the craft at the source.


My work and experience in both the stonemasonry and dry stone walling communities has given me a skill set that allows me to create beautiful, functional and lasting works, in keeping with the best traditions of both crafts.


Undisclosed Location
Caledon Hills, Caledon, ON
The Grange Side Road, Caledon, ON