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Stone Room

Undisclosed Location

Built as a loose collaborations with Eric Landman this commission used stone from the site of a long shut down quarry on the property. Utilizing large stones, the project features wedged walling on the exterior of the room and horizontal walling on the …
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Quarried Limestone Wall

The Grange Side Road, Caledon, ON

A formal entry wall built of quarried limestone. Keeping with traditional dry stone walling this wall features hand cut half round vertical cope stones.…
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Letter Cutting

Hilton Beach, ON

This workshop sign for the talented luthier at Tree House Guitars in Hilton Beach, is hand cut in slate quarried in northern Quebec.…
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Field Stone Serpentine Wall

Caledon Hills, Caledon, ON

Built of stone gathered from the site, this serpentine wall meanders along a long country lane welcoming you to a stunning property nestled in the beautiful Caledon hills.…
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